Whisper Down the Lane is an experimental music video collaboration. Each of three musicians record two musical ideas and passes one to each other musician. Having received two primary tracks, each musician records secondary tracks onto the primary tracks. Secondary tracks are passed again, and third layers are recorded. All layers are then passed to a videographer for visual content. Totaling six music videos, first released between March 26 and April 27 of 2015, Helicopter Copter has taken Whisper Down the Lane to film festivals throughout Colorado and beyond.

Ian Argys - guitar
Merne Judson III - video
Neil McCormick - bass
Michael John McKee - drums

Recorded by Brian Hunter at Sawtelle Recording Studio
Mixed and mastered Alex Scott at Collective Multimedia


First Look: The Multisensory World of Helicopter Copter by Bree Davies
Helicopter Copter: Denver Collaboration Uplifts, Refreshes, Challenges by Darren Thornberry